Open Expeditions

Participants must be enrolled to Dorset Council. 

This page includes dates, application forms and other helpful resources.

Achieving your Award is an adventure from beginning to end and this section can give you some of your most memorable experiences!

From sailing along the Norfolk Broads to walking in Canada or horse riding in the Brecon Beacons, it can be as far-flung or as close to home as you want it to be.  You can also choose how you want to travel – it doesn’t just have to be on foot!  You could choose to do your expedition by bike, by canoe, by kayak, by wheelchair, by sailing boat or even on a horse or llama!

Having said all that, DofE Centres may only be able to offer you walking as an option because that is where the leader expertise lies.

However, you can still join an expedition elsewhere so long as it is delivered by a DofE licensed organisation. If this organisation is outside of your own licensed organisation, and not an Approved Activity Provider, it is essential that you check insurance cover.

You must be enrolled, on eDofE, at the level of the expedition that you are undertaking.

Further information on the DofE Expedition section

Dorset Council Expeditions

Participants must be enrolled to Dorset Council. 

Usually, Gold Events go to Dartmoor from the Top ‘O Town Car Park, Dorchester, and back again. 

The Kit List and Food ideas are at the bottom of the page.

BURSARY. Dorset works closely with the John Thornton Young Achiever’s Foundation to support young people, enrolled through the County, to achieve more than family funds could usually support. See JTYAF Application Form for Dorset DofE

GOLD 2024

Directs, without a previous level, will need to discuss where/how they’ll complete basic exped training.

  • All Gold activities start on your 16th birthday. Your final activity must be completed by your 25th birthday and evidence uploaded to edofe.
  • You can attend/complete your Gold Award to suit studies/work.
  • The 20 Conditions of the DofE Expedition, correct to October 31 2023
  • New Expedition Requirements from Nov 2023
  • You can do alternative styles of expedition with an outside provider: cycle, ride, sail, kayak, canoe see:

3 stages to be completed – Training & Practice, & Final. School clash? ask for “Authorised Absence”.

  • Training completed and planning started in January 2024
  • February half term Mon 12 Feb to Thurs 15 Feb – option 1, Training and Practice, completed
  • Thurs 11 April to Sun 14 April – option 2, Training and Practice £135
  • Download April Activity Details HERE This event is now FULL
  • *Fri 19 July to Tues 23 July – Final Assessment for all. £150
  • Date/Time/Style for Exped Presentation tbc. This is mandatory to completing the section.

If dates above do not suit, have a look here OR contact to discuss where you might be able to form or join a team within Dorset Council’s DofE area. 

FIRST AID For any new enrolment undertaking the expedition.
This is for gold Direct entrants who have no previous First Aid training, or the training is out of date. Please apply to this UBee Online First Aid Course for a 13 week course. Pls let UBee know it’s for Exped Training, with your leader’s knowledge.
NB The course isn’t long enough for any gold section but could be used for a 3-month bronze or silver skills section.

BRONZE/SILVER 2024 We can refer you to where opportunities might be with another school affiliated to deliver DofE with Dorset Council, or, if enough numbers will arrange a catch up in August.


Expedition FAQs

The 20 Conditions of the DofE Expedition, correct to October 31 2023

Medical and Consent Form

Dorset Exped Application Form

Required Kit List

DofE Gourmet Meal suggestions and Suggestions with Weblinks 2022

AAP (Approved Activity Provider) choices are found here.