Our volunteers love creating a positive, supportive environment that’s bristling with energy for participants. They support the DofE’s overall mission and help run DofE centres and groups, helping young people to achieve their full potential.

There are many different roles for our volunteers – have a look to see what you could do:

DofE Co-ordinators

These people set up and manage the DofE in a centre. If you become a Co-ordinator, you’ll support your Leaders and oversee all groups.

DofE Leaders

Our Leaders are responsible for a DofE group. You’ll lead, guide, inspire and encourage young people, agree their programme choices and approve their progress and pictures in eDofE.

DofE Assessors

Assessors check on a young person’s progress and agree the completion of a section of their programme. You’ll need knowledge of the activity they’re doing and approve their progress and pictures in eDofE.

In the Expedition section, qualifying expeditions must be assessed by a competent adult who is approved by the Licensed Organisation and accredited by the DofE through the Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme.

DofE Supervisors

Supervisors are people with a good understanding of a participant’s chosen activity. You’ll help them set their goals and regularly meet with the young person to check on their progress, address any potential issues and adjust goals.

A Supervisor is essential for the Expedition section as they are responsible for supervising and supporting a team of participants to ensure their safety and well-being whilst they are doing their expedition.


Adults who can spare some time to help our DofE Leaders run a group can be a volunteer. You may give general support, i.e. admin, help run one section or give specific training.

Whilst not all volunteers will be involved in the detailed running of programmes everyone needs to ensure continuity throughout, share responsibilities and maintain the overall quality of the DofE experience.

In Dorset, without the support of volunteers such as yourself many, many young people would be unable to take part in the Award, and so your support is much appreciated by all involved.

In the “Pack” that is below you will find information and support materials that will help you to understand your role and to access the training and support you will need. Please take some time to explore the contents and do let us know if there is any additional information that you would like to have.

If you want anything printed off then let us know and we will ensure you get a copy.

There are a number of training requirements for new volunteers, details of which can be found below. It is important that training is undertaken as soon as possible as it needs to be completed, ideally, within six months of your first appointment. If you have any difficulty accessing the planned courses do get in touch. Please remember to record any training or qualification courses undertaken and to send us a scan of your certificates or evidence of completion to enable us to update your Leader records.

  1. Adult Recruitment Process
  2. Contacts and Useful Links
  3. Register interest by contacting the County DofE Manager
  4. Volunteer completes an application form and nominates two referees
    • Adult Application Form
    • Adult Reference Reply Form
  5. Initial meeting/informal interview
  6. Identify a mutually acceptable role/placement
    • Award Structure and Glossary
    • Job Role – DofE Co-ordinator
    • Job Role – DofE Leader
    • Job Role – Expedition Supervisor
    • Job Role – Expedition Assessor
  7. On receipt of suitable references Disclosure and Barring Service clearance process is initiated
    • Adult ID Check
    • Adult Child Protection Procedures
  8. On receipt of the DBS clearance from DCC HR, the volunteer commences placement and training
    • Adult Induction Checklist
    • Adult Record Sheet
  9. Introduction to DofE training needs to be completed within the first six months in most cases
    • DCC DofE Training Brochure with booking procedure and other handy links
    • Other Training for DofE Leaders and outdoor enthusiasts
  10. The Volunteer fully integrates into the local/county team
    • Managing Volunteers DCC Guidance
    • DCC 5 Core Behaviours
    • Adult Staff Code of Conduct
    • Adult Expenses Guidance
    • Adult Travel and Subsistence Claim if volunteering for DCC
    • eDofE Training Videos
    • eDofE Guides and Resources
  11. Further training undertaken as desired/required
    • Adult Expedition Leader Training Route
    • DofE Dorset Training page
    • Driving at Work Policy
    • Driver Risk Assessment – Personal Vehicle
    • Driving Minibuses
    • Driver Risk Assessment – Fleet/Hire Vehicles