Ofsted report into Learning outside the Classroom

The DofE and excellence in Ofsted inspections

Almost 70% of Licensed Organisations which offer DofE are evaluated, monitored and regulated by Ofsted. DofE frequently features positively in school inspection reports. As a result, some centres are using DofE to help improve the outcomes of their future inspections. The DofE can be mapped against Ofsted criteria. The list within the document is not exhaustive but gives examples of these synergies.

The benefits of doing DofE: one young person’s view and the skills for work gained.

Read the article in The Guardian (February 2016) which recommends including DofE experiences on a CV.

Find examples of personal statements here

Who can start a new DofE Centre

Under the Dorset Council licence the following organisations in Dorset (excluding Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole) may apply to start a DofE Centre:

  • Local Authority Schools
  • Local Authority Pupil Referral Units (PRUs)
  • Learning Centres or Alternative Provision Units
  • Academies
  • Sixth Form / Regional Colleges
  • Independent Schools
  • Voluntary youth organisations* (But not uniformed youth groups – see below)
  • Private sector companies

* Uniformed youth groups have their own licence arrangements and should contact their Headquarters for more information.

Organisations not listed above should contact the DofE SW Region office on southwest@DofE.org

Is there a cost?

Yes, there is a Council charge that is levied upon each Welcome Pack purchased.The total fee for the Welcome Pack includes:

  • enrolment into The Award Scheme
  • online eDofE account
  • DC DofE Manager and administration support which continues until the level is complete.
  • The Welcome Pack and charge made by The Award
  • a DofE Discount Card to use with camping/hiking retailers
  • access to masses of other promotional discounts from firms as diverse as Hewlett Packard to Young Drivers
  • Online DofE Magazine
  • certification and badge

The total payment per Participant from the Centre to The Award and DC 2021-22 is:

  • Gold £47 (£30 to The Award + £17 to DC)
  • Silver/Bronze £37 (£23 + £14)

More information about the Welcome Pack and the eDofE account is found here

What training will the person starting the DofE Centre require?

 The person taking the lead (known as the “Centre Coordinator”) will need to do the following:

A big part of initial discussion with the county DofE Manager will be about the provision of the Expedition section. This can either be wholly in-house, led by an outside provider, or a mix of both.

How do we get started?

The first stage is to contact Dorset’s DofE Manager who will then arrange a time to come and discuss everything. You can contact us on 01305 224517 or 01929 552265 or drop an email to: dofe@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

An example Service Level Agreement between the DofE Centre and Dorset Council can be downloaded HERE

Resources: DofE and excellence in Ofsted inspections

Further resources can be found on our resources page and even more on The Award site here.