The Physical Section – “the body!”

Through the Physical section you should achieve a greater physical fitness by participating and improving in physical activity.  It’s sure to make you feel healthier and you’ll have fun along the way!

You don’t need to be super fit or Olympic standard to achieve this section – giving it a go and getting better is enough!

From hockey to dance, rock climbing to swimming, wheelchair basketball to yoga – almost any dance, sport or fitness activity (including regular walking) can count.  You can join a team or do it on your own, concentrate on something you’re already doing or try something completely different – it’s up to you.

Please don’t get DofE Physical mixed up with the Games and Sports section of DofE Skills. Sports specifically listed in the Physical Section can only be followed as a DofE Skill if you’re doing it as a leader, umpire or a research project. Another good reason to check it out before starting!

There are loads of ideas to be found here.

And lots of FAQ answers here!