Going for Gold

First stop is to find your nearest DofE centre.  It may be in your school, college, youth group or company. Have a look at Dorset For You to find out where Centres are located or go to our Current Centres page.

If there is no convenient centre and/or you’re happy to be independent you may want to consider becoming a Virtual Participant and join Dorset Independents to do your Gold. Coming in as a Direct entrant does not require you to have completed previous levels.

Virtual Participants have to be really good at using eDofE – because that’s the way that the Participants work with Dorset Council’s DofE Manager online. So, you would sign up by sending an enrolment form and Welcome Pack fee to Dorset Council as detailed.

The Welcome Pack fee includes a charge made by The Award, a Discount Card; enrolment into The Award Scheme Ltd; online eDofE account; DC DofE Manager and administration support which continues until the level enrolled for is completed; DofE Magazine; certification and badge. You also have access to masses of other promotional discounts from firms as diverse as Hewlett Packard to Young Drivers.

Have a look at the Pathway for all Levels page on this website to see what you need to think about.

Then you would get on with putting plans onto eDofE and making sure that, once full details have been entered, they are submitted (not just saved to draft) to your Leader via eDofE. Here is an eDofE step by step guide

A great new resource is a mobile platform found at m.edofe.org which makes it really easy to upload evidence straight from your smartphone.

Keep an eye on the eDofE message box for responses and once ok’d then away you go! If there are any queries its best done by creating message to your Leader in eDofE – but sometimes we’d converse via this email especially if lots of information is going out!

The only thing we’d be looking for then would be the assessor reports – which are best written and submitted online via the assessor portal found here. To do that your assessor has to know your eDofE ID number and that you are doing Gold. However if your assessor prefers to write a report, for you to photograph and upload, then use the one in your Welcome Pack or this sheet here

Expeditions and Residentials can be done with DC but there are loads of opportunities to be found at Opportunity Finder here

Expeditions and Residentials will be an extra cost. This can vary greatly so please research things carefully.

Any participant has until they are 25 to get all the work done, and so can tackle each section as and when convenient.