The Expedition Section

Our Dartmoor Expedition Gallery is here.

Achieving your Award is an adventure from beginning to end and this section can give you some of your most memorable experiences!

From sailing along the Norfolk Broads to walking in Canada or horse riding in the Brecon Beacons, it can be as far-flung or as close to home as you want it to be.  You can also choose how you want to travel – it doesn’t just have to be on foot!  You could choose to do your expedition by bike, by canoe, by kayak, by wheelchair, by sailing boat or even on a horse or llama!

Having said all that, DofE Centres may only be able to offer you walking as an option because that is where the leader expertise lies.

However you can still join an expedition elsewhere so long as it is delivered by a DofE licensed organisation. If this organisation is outside of your own licensed organisation, and not an Approved Activity Provider, it is essential that you check insurance cover..

You must be enrolled, on edofe, at the level of the expedition that you are undertaking.

Further information on the DofE Expedition section can be found here

FAQ answers are all here.

Dorset Council expedition timetable

Participants must be enrolled to Dorset Council. 

Usually Gold Events go to Dartmoor from the Top ‘O Town Car Park, Dorchester, and back again. 

The Kit List and Food ideas are at the bottom of the page.

BURSARY. Dorset works closely with the John Thornton Young Achiever’s Foundation to support young people, enrolled through the County, to achieve more than family funds could usually support. See JTYAF Application-Form-Dorset DofE From 2020 onwards


Dates and locations offered are subject to

All applications need to be on the appropriate form, accompanied by a consent form and deposit – forms at bottom of the page. 

Please pay online by using this link:

Activity detail will be uploaded 2-3 weeks before each event. 

  • 19-22nd February (half term) Gold Training in wild country. Bunkhouse. £95
  • 9-12th April (Easter Hols) Gold Training in wild country. £95
  • 9-12th April Gold Practice in wild country for those with appropriate training. £95
  • 7/8th May planning for the July Final. 
  • 7-10th July Gold Practice in wild country for those with appropriate training. £95
  • 22-26th July Gold Final in wild country. £125 

If dates above do not suit, or you are a Bronze or Silver have a look HERE OR contact to discuss where you might be able to form or join a team within Dorset Council’s DofE area. 


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