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    DofE Level (joining at) Bronze 13yrs, Yr9; Silver 14yrs, Yr10; Gold 16th birthday

    Have you registered for any previous levels of the DofE?

    If YES, please give the name of the DofE Centre you were registered at

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    When you first sign in to eDofE you will be asked to record some personal details, such as your contact details, ethnicity and personal circumstances along with details of any medical needs you may have. This data is used to enable your Leaders to support you doing your DofE programme and for the DofE's statistical and reporting purposes. You will always have a 'prefer not to say' option.

    Contact Details

    Email address for Participant (essential to eDofE participation and one that is used regularly)

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    Email address for Parent/Guardian

    Basic enrolment fees for Dorset are below.
    Gold: total = £47
    (£30 of which goes to The Award and £17 to Dorset Council for admin and support)
    Bronze and Silver = £37
    (£23 to the Award and £14 to Dorset Council)
    This includes Welcome Pack; Discount Card; Enrolment into The Award Scheme Ltd; eDofE account;
    DCC support and admin which continues until the level enrolled for is completed; quarterly DofE Magazine; certification and badge.

    PLEASE NOTE that there may be other initial enrolment costs to consider, for instance where buildings have to be hired. Expedition fees will also have to be considered.


    Consent to enrol as a Participant
    I agree to enrol as a participant on a DofE programme. I understand that I will be managing my programme using the online eDofE system. I acknowledge that this system has a set of terms and conditions that I agree to. These terms and conditions are available at

    Consent to enrol from Parent or Guardian (if applicant is under 18 years old)
    I agree to my son/daughter/ward doing a DofE programme. I note that it is my responsibility to check that any activity that my son/daughter/ward undertakes for their DofE programme is appropriately managed and insured, unless the activity is directly managed or organised by their DofE group, centre or Licensed Organisation.

    This enrolment form will be forwarded to the Centre/s of your choice and you will be contacted via the parent/guardian email with more detail before being required to complete enrolment.

    Participants can transfer their participation place to any other DofE Centre

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    Data supplied on this form and in eDofE and information about DofE activities recorded in eDofE will be used by the DofE Charity, the Licensed Organisation and DofE Centre to monitor and manage DofE participation and progress by young people and manage and support Leaders.

    The DofE Charity will use personal data to communicate useful and relevant information to either help participants complete a DofE programme, Leaders/LOs to run DofE programmes more effectively or help the DofE Charity to improve the quality and breadth of its programmes.

    The DofE Charity also send emails that contain information about the Charity, DofE negotiated privilege discounts and invites to events and other activities however if you would like to receive these emails you will need to opt in. Once you have opted in to this you can opt out at any time by visiting, or clicking the unsubscribe link that can be found at the bottom of all non-programme related email.