Expedition Assessing

The Expedition Assessor Accreditation Scheme (EAAS) provides the opportunity for new Expedition Assessors to have their training, skills and learning accredited by The Award and be nationally recognised. The programme has been designed to provide Expedition Assessors with a clear and consistent understanding of their role and responsibilities.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and have appropriate outdoor skills or qualifications where required. The activities undertaken by an Expedition Assessor are considered ‘regulated activity’. They must therefore have completed, or be willing to complete, the relevant national disclosure.

The scheme is explained fully on the DofE website and contains all relevant downloads including the route to accreditation which needs to be followed by those wishing to assess.

Assessor Reports

Expedition Assessors are now more than likely to be submitting their reports online via the assessor portal using the Participants eDofE ID number.

Dorset Assessors

Dorset has a very good number of volunteer Assessors who may be contacted via dofe@dorsetcc.gov.uk to assess Expeditions.


DofE Assessors MUST be registered to the same Licensed Organisation as the team that they are assessing unless they are employed by a delivering (to the LO) AAP.

Registering to other Licensed Organisations/AAP is very simple – you contact them! If this process is ignored all parties will come unstuck, including the young people.

A Volunteer DofE Adult Expenses Guidance document can be found on the resources page. It is very important to agree “terms” before either party signs on the dotted line because it can be a difficult conversation afterwards!