Expedition Approvals

We must be notified of all DofE expeditions to ensure that the venture meets with our standards of management, and The Award. We require the management of all DofE ventures to meet the recommendations of the SW Outdoor Education Advisers Panel.

Expeditions will not be recognised by The Award and your insurance may be invalidated if not notified and approved.

You must use the forms to submit your expedition proposal at least:

  • four weeks before departure for expeditions in the UK
  • 16 weeks before departure for overseas ventures

Dorset Council approval process and Forms are found here

The Award also has Expedition Area Panels that need to be notified and all are listed here.

The areas are nearly all “wild country” as recognised by The Award but please be aware that there are also panels covering the New Forest and Isle of Wight.

There is an abundance of Expedition resources and forms to be found here

The Expedition Guide a must have!

The DofE Expedition Guide provides comprehensive advice and guidance for DofE Leaders, Supervisors, Assessors and all adults involved in the delivery of the DofE Expedition section and DofE expeditions. This definitive support book is the first complete re-write since the 1996 edition and contains substantially increased chapters on supervising, assessing, sailing, open expeditions and new guidance on behaviour expectations, mobile phones and GPS/GPS tracking devices. Cost: £14.99

Books, guides and Assessment Vouchers are found by going to the “Essentials” tab in your eDofE account. If you do not have an eDofE account please contact the DofE Manager here